BIG DATA / Data Driven decisions for Profitability boost

BIG DATA / Data Driven decisions for Profitability boost







In the computerized world of nowadays every company piles up huge amounts of various customer and process related data. However, the value is not in the amount of data organization has, but what it does with that. “Industrial Insights Report for 2015 by GE and Accenture” indicates that 53% of Top Performing companies make data-driven decisions very frequently.

The use of Big Data is becoming a key basis of competition and growth for individual firms. In most industries, established competitors and new entrants alike will leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value from deep and up-to-real-time information. These days examples of such use of data is in every sector: Retail – Walgreens; Airlines - Delta; Media -; Logistics - UPS; Financial Services – AIG, e-commerce - Amazon. These successful examples includes automated individualized proposals for Amazon visitors based on their past purchase or search history or fleet optimization by UPS that already saved from driving 364 million miles and over 39 million gallons of fuel since project reliese.

”Industrial Insights Report for 2015” found that :

  • 89% of respondents who have implemented at least one big data project already see it as a way to revolutionize business operations
  • 84% of those surveyed believes big data analytics will “shift the competitive landscape for my industry” within a year and 87% believe so in three years
  • 89% believes a lack of big data adoption will create a risk of losing market share

State of the art mathematical data mining leeds to sophisticated customer segmentation, churn prediction, system fault prediction and other methods that heavily influence financial performance figures of each Company .  90% of standart Organisations  revenue and profit growth is usually achieved through improving product and service porfolio and by streamlining the internal processes –  Data Driven decisions is one of  the crussials point there.


  • Positions: CEOs, CFOs, Head’s of Commercial dep., Marketing dep. , Sales dep.
  • Companies types: Medium and Large size
  • Industries: Retail, E-Commerce, Services: Finance / Insurance / Logistics / Accommodation/ Travel/ Healthcare / Utilities 


  • 6-7 core KPIs geared towards sales improvement and their application explained in detail with hands-on experience delivered;
  • A good feel what big data actually means and what it takes to implement it;
  • Principles of data-driven decision making process oriented at revenue enhancement;
  • Best practices with different revenue management techniques;
  • Best practices on measuring and managing customer loyalty;
  • Solutions and tools geared towards getting the most of your marketing investments
  • Data Driven techniques for :

          - measuring customers value and rights KPI’s in : pricing decisions, marketing solutions; process management  
          - building data based patterns -  customer base segments, customer behaviours, forms of churn, root causes for bottom line costs and etc.
          - making more precisely tailored products and services,
          - improving the development of the next generation of products and services,

  • Principles and solutions for starting analysing the big data companies already hoarded 


Justė Pačkauskaitė, partner at UAB Civitta

Competences: 10 years of experience in Finance, Strategy, Data analytics and Sales&Marketing. Justė is responsible for analytics and research project stream in Civitta. Justė has mainly worked in such industries as Telecommunications, B2B Professional services, Insurance, Real Estate management both in Lithuania and abroad. Justė holds CFA level III certification.

Impact: practical knowledge of data analytics based sales and marketing strategy formulation; financial analysis, KPI based budgeting, cost control, investment control, managerial reporting.

Mārtiņš Bajārs, associate partner at SIA Civitta Latvija

Competences: 9 years of international experience with focus on customer analytics and telecommunications. Specific areas of expertise: Strategic Analysis, Pricing Optimization, Product Portfolio Optimization, Customer Retention & Churn Management, Customer Segmentation, Financial Analysis.

Impact: real life near-time data analytics tool creation and application in European and African mobile network operators.

Enn Metsar, General Manager at Uber Technologies Estonia 

Uber - multinational online transportation network company providing service in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide.
Ranked us 48th-most powerful company in America with estimated worth of 62.5 billion $.
Company’s business model is largely based on Big Data principle.  By using them in very effective way Uber has disrupted whole Taxi industry and became worldwide phenomenal organization.

Enn is a US educated executive with extensive prior experience in investment management and business development. He has over ten years of experience in managing equity funds, technology driven venture capital, management consulting, trading, business development, sales and investor relations from both sides of the Atlantic. Enn holds an MSc degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Petras Kudaras, Data and business analyst at UAB, Vinted

Vinted  - is a peer-to-peer marketplace to sell, buy and swap clothes / the highest-valued startup in the Baltics, 2014 - €80 million/ operating in11 countries.

Competences: 10 years of experience in finance, asset management and data analytics. Petras has worked with large sets of data (Vinted - 10 million users). His experience at finance comes from managing pension and investment funds as well as overseeing private equity projects at Invalda group.

Impact: practical knowledge of data analytics, data infrastructure, business modeling, data driven decisions and leading the analyst teams to provide data insights.









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